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William J. Hall, M.D.

Dr. Hall and the staff at Infini Cosmetic Associates (located in Scottsdale, Arizona) follow one philosophy: every individual deserves to get the very best from their skin and body.

The staff strives to be the expert resource for women and men who need information, treatments, or procedures to help make their body and skin look better, last longer, and feel great. We always remain current with technology and techniques to provide safe, effective, and minimally invasive procedures to our patients.

Our staff of registered nurses and aestheticians continue to gain education in the medical field in order to provide the most professional service possible.

Full Liposuction Documentary "Kelly"

The New You in Phoenix and Scottsdale

A refined body image and path to a newer you is possible through body contouring with tumescent liposuction. William Hall, M.D. states "if a surgeon can truly deliver an improved figure, then just imagine the emotional enhancements that go along with it. How you feel about yourself when you wake up in the morning and look in the mirror can greatly affect your overall mood and all the interpersonal relationships with those around you."

Consider the reasons this liposuction procedure may be right for you. Contact infini for a consultation to find out your options.

Liposuction and the Many other Services at Infini Cosmetic Associates

It is the procedure everyone is talking about. With its now safer and pain free technique, Liposuction has quickly become the most popular cosmetic surgery in the nation. With little to no downtime and much less bruising than in traditional methods, more and more individuals are opting to finally get rid of those love handles or extra chin they have tried desperately for years to trim off.

Big changes in the methods of anesthesia and the instruments used in the procedure are all part of the positively remarkable change in Liposuction today. By injecting the fat cells with a local anesthesia to numb the treatment area, patients are fully alert during the procedure and completely comfortable. Liposuction at Infini is now much like getting Fraxel Laser, or Botox for those lines on your forehead or a more recent discovery, Botox for excessive sweating. Yes, it is proven that injections of this under the arms are effective at controlling excessive sweating. When it comes to the skin, Infini Cosmetic Associates does it all. With an array of services and skin treatments like chemical peels, Thermage, mole removal, vein treatments, fillers such as Restylane, Radiesse and Juvaderm for lines, wrinkles, and volume restoration, and Erbium Laser Skin Resurfacing, it simply is the place to go when it comes to maintaining a more youthful appearance.

With skin treatments like Photofacial and acne therapy plus Tumescent Liposuction on the menu, Infini Cosmetic Associates is the premiere clinic of youth restoration and refinement. The highly trained staff of doctors and estheticians will consult with you one on one to assess your goals, current health and devise a strategy of skin and/or Liposculpture treatments for reaching those goals. Unlike traditional methods, now it is possible to combine your liposuction with another youth enhancing treatment like Lip Augmentation or Hair Removal, and even mole removal. Whatever your personal goals are for healthy skin and youth enhancement, Infini Cosmetic Associates will assist you! While Liposuction is a popular option for many, staying young is equally important to just about everybody. If you are not ready for liposuction, Infini also offers Endermologie for cellulite or even Thermage to tighten the skin and restore elasticity. Consult with the staff about combining procedures to get the most out your visit, and the maximum out of each procedure. Many services that Infini offers compliment each other and can provide the maximum benefit when combined.

With all of these options, including Liposuction to dramatically improve the way you feel and look; Infini Cosmetic Associates could be called the Fountain of Youth…..See for yourself, the changes in the faces, skin and bodies of real patients by checking out our Photo gallery on this website. You can watch live procedures being performed right in the Phoenix and Scottsdale office of Dr. Hall in the video gallery. Find out for yourself what everyone is talking about. Call 480-946-7100 now to set up a Free Consultation with one of Dr. Halls welcoming staff members, you’ll be glad you did!