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The Liquid Facelift – A Dramatic Improvement to Surgery

What cosmetic procedure is virtually pain free, has no downtime, and shows immediate and amazing results? It is the all new, appropriately named, “Liquid Facelift.” Now you can have all the benefits of a surgical facelift without actually having surgery. The results are nothing less than miraculous.

Fillers such as Restylane, Radiesse, Juvederm and Sculptra and even a common non-filler known as Botox are responsible for this new cosmetic miracle enhancement. An injection technique known as facial contouring has led way to what is now being called the “liquid face lift.” By injecting these products into the epidermis in areas of the face where skin has permanently creased and/or has volume or elasticity loss, doctors are able to immediately diminish lines and lift the skin. Depending on the individual and the area treated, results can vary from dramatic to subtle. Many patients said they received several compliments on their appearance after having a liquid face lift but those individuals weren’t exactly sure why the patient looked better or what was different about them.

Liquid face lift patients have very little if any downtime after their procedure and can continue with their daily activities immediately following their liquid facelift appointment. This non surgical enhancement has many benefits over traditional facelift methods which require general anesthesia, longer and more painful recovery periods, and cost much more overall. In addition, the results from a traditional face lift are only visible after the bruising and swelling has subsided which can take up to a month post surgery.

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Benefits of Liquid Facelift vs. Traditional Surgery

Besides the many procedural benefits the liquid face lift offers its patients, it is also much less expensive than traditional surgery. Even when taking into consideration the life span of the filler versus a typical 10 year life span of a facelift, it is still a more cost effective approach to looking more youthful and refreshed.

Though doctors may treat several areas at the same time with a liquid facelift by using fillers for wrinkle correction and facial contouring; many patients opt to treat one area at a time such as crow’s feet or the common lines that form around the mouth. Botox is also sometimes used in conjunction with some fillers, for placement and contouring of the filler. By relaxing the muscle, Botox can help diminish the superficial lines of crow’s feet and the filler can be used underneath the eye just above the cheek, for volume restoration. Patient’s needs and youth enhancement goals in a liquid facelift, vary from patient to patient.

Discussing these options with an experienced plastic surgeon is important before deciding on what filler or combination of fillers, is right for you.

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What is a liquid facelift?

The liquid facelift is a painless treatment that provides immediate results with no downtime. The liquid facelift is the newest dermatological treatment that provides some of the most miraculous transformations in dermatology.

What types of fillers are used in the treatment?

Hyaluronic fillers such as Juvederm, Radiesse, Voluma, and Sculptra along with Botox are responsible for what is known as the "lunch time facelift". The hyaluronic fillers are popular because hyaluronic acid is a naturally occuring substance found within the body. Therefore, patients are less likely to experience an adverse reaction.

What are the effects?

The patient will notice their skin has a more refreshed and vitalized look and feel.

What are the benefits?

Besides being a less invasive approach to the traditional surgical facelift procedure, the liquid facelift is also a significantly less expensive alternative. The liquid facelift also alleviates the patients’ downtime to zero.