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Fotofacial: Scottsdale


Rejuvenate your Skin with Fotofacial in Scottsdale

Residents of Scottsdale can now enjoy the benefits of smoother, healthy and younger looking skin thru a procedure known as Fotofacial (aka Fotofacial). This process, unlike the many other laser techniques uses a non-laser intense pulse light technology (IPL), delivering it the light pulses deep into the skin layer. This, like Fraxel Laser also leaves the surrounding tissue in tact and unaffected making for a speedy and pain free post procedure experience. Fotofacial has become a popular treatment for the residents of Scottsdale by treating a common skin discoloration due to aging or sun damaged skin.

Scottsdale’s Fotofacial Procedure – What to Expect

Treatment using Scottsdale’s Fotofacial or Photorejuvanation as it is sometimes called is a non- invasive, non ablative procedure ( one that leaves the outer epidermis free from affects of treatment) that usually takes anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes and is performed right in the doctor’s office. Although Fotofacial is virtually pain free, for those who are more sensitive, a topical anesthetic can be given. Patients who have undergone Fotofacial in Scottsdale describe it like a rubber band being snapped on the skin. This feeling will subside as the procedure ends and leave patients with very little if any post procedural pain.

After your Fotofacial Procedure in Scottsdale

Besides mild redness and in rarer cases some light bruising which is usually gone in less than 24 hours, patients can expect to return to their normal routine immediately following their Scottsdale Fotofacial procedure. The positive effects of Photorejuvenation will continue in the following months as new collagen is produced naturally by the skin. Although effects of the light pulse technology may be seen immediately a typical treatment plan includes 5 procedures spaced 3 weeks apart.

Skin Disorders that Fotofacial in Scottsdale Treats?

Scottsdale’s breakthrough technology Fotofacial Rejuvenation can treat many skin conditions such as:

- Red, flushed faces caused by rosaceous or acne, including mild scarring from acne
- Sun-damaged skin
- Hyper pigmentation
- Enlarged pores

Fotofacial in Scottsdale can dramatically reduce spider veins and fine wrinkles around the mouth and eye area as well.

Amazing results with Fotofacial in Scottsdale

The amazing results of actual patients can be seen in our photo gallery. If you have never seen it, you wouldn’t believe it! The results stop just short of a miracle! Patients can now relive their youth thru Scottsdale latest technology Fotofacial. Inquire about restoring your youth at Infiniskin and see all the youth enhancing treatments offered by Dr. Hall and his highly trained staff of aestheticians. Everyday when you look in the mirror you will be glad you did!