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Fraxel Laser: Scottsdale


What is Scottsdale Fraxel Laser?

Using a very small laser, doctors in Scottsdale penetrate deep into the skin affecting a microscopic area with a laser light beam. This fractional treatment affects a very small area of the skin called microscopic treatment zone while the surrounding tissue is left unaffected and intact. By penetrating the skin in small but deep columns it eliminates the old, dead, pigmented skin. With the elimination of the damaged skin, Fraxel Laser in Scottsdale initiates the body’s natural healing process to produce collagen and a layer of new skin.

What Skin Conditions Does Scottsdale Fraxel Laser Treat?

- Wrinkles
With age our skin begins to droop and lose elasticity causing wrinkles and loose, sometimes sagging, skin. The eye area is especially prone to wrinkles because the skin is more delicate in these areas. In Scottsdale, Fraxel Laser is excellent at dramatically improving facial lines and tightening the skin for a more youthful appearance and feel.

- Age Spots or Sun Spots/Melasma
Many have photo damage from sun exposure. These are characterized by dark patches on different areas of the body such as face, neck, chest, hands and arms. Simple aging can also be responsible for this type of discoloration in the skin. Getting Fraxel Laser in Scottsdale is an excellent option for removing these pigmented areas and bringing an even tone back to the skin

- Uneven Texture
With age and especially sunlight, skin loses its smoothness. Skin with these qualities is characterized by larger pores and dispersed pigmentation. Scottsdale Fraxel Laser brings back the even tone to your skin while shrinking the pores, creating an even and smooth texture.

- Acne Scars
Scarring left over from previous acne can also be virtually eliminated with Fraxel Laser. In Scottsdale, ask your doctor about Fraxel Restore Treatment to repair damaged or scarred tissue.

The benefits of Fraxel Laser Treatment in Scottsdale

The benefits of Fraxel Laser in Scottsdale are many. When compared to earlier laser treatments, Fraxel carries the least downtime after treatment and a faster recovery. While these earlier methods were effective, they usually treated larger areas , resulting in more healing at once. Recovery and downtime were therefore considerably longer and a bit more painful.

Recovery from Scottsdale Fraxel Laser Treatment

Very little pain or no downtime is needed with Fraxel in Scottsdale. Depending on how severely damaged the treated skin is or how much treatment is necessary in one procedure, most patients are back to their normal routine immediately after their Scottsdale Fraxel Laser procedure. Though redness and sometimes a minimal amount of swelling may occur, most patients are able to apply makeup immediately after and return to work or social obligations following their procedure. Over the next couple of weeks your skin will flake as the new skin is being generated. Keeping your face moisturized will help to hide this. It is also important to remember to wear sunscreen at all times for up to 2 months after your Fraxel Laser Treatment in Scottsdale.

Amazing Results with Fraxel Laser in Scottsdale

The results from a Fraxel Laser Treatment, even just one procedure can be amazing. Though typically requiring 3-5 treatments on the average person, dramatic improvements are often seen immediately following the initial visit. Stop by our photo gallery to view before and after pictures of actual patients who have agreed to let everyone know just how effective this procedure is. As the saying goes: “Seeing is believing” and results this good are just shy of amazing!