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Liposuction in Scottsdale: New and Improved

Liposuction in Scottsdale has undergone major improvements in the recent past, quickly launching its popularity as the most popular cosmetic procedure in the United States today. This is a long way from the days of vigorous poking and prodding beneath the skin layer to effectively maneuver through the fat cells during a Liposuction procedure. Today, patients can walk out of the doctor’s office immediately following their Scottsdale Liposuction procedure. Patients will not only experience minimal to no bruising but will be virtually pain free and return to work within a couple days. Patients may also begin exercising within one week of their Liposuction procedure in Scottsdale. Older methods though producing satisfactory results in terms of customer expectations, have been left behind with what is now referred to as, “Tumescent” Liposuction.

Scottsdale Liposuction: Benefits for the Patient

Additionally beneficial of the new and improved Liposuction procedure in Scottsdale, is its use of a local anesthesia, instead of the general anesthesia used in traditional methods, allowing the patient to be awake during the procedure. This accounts for the dramatically higher marks in safety of the Liposuction procedure in Scottsdale, and cuts the recovery time in less than half what it was with traditional Liposuction. Furthermore, the incisions made with Tumescent Liposuction in Scottsdale are much smaller then in traditional Liposuction, and in turn decrease the risk of later infection while also producing less visible scarring for patients.

Scottsdale Liposuction: The Procedure

What is responsible for all of these improvements in Scottsdale Liposuction? A change in the instruments used and the use of local anesthesia as opposed to general anesthesia are the biggest improvements carrying the most impact for the patients. Today, by making not more than a 2 mm incision, doctors are able to insert a very small rod or “micro cannula” underneath the epidermis. Older methods of Liposuction in Scottsdale used a much larger and rigid cannula, and as such were harder to manage, causing a considerable amount of damage to the surrounding tissue and remaining cells. These larger cannulas were also less effective at extracting fat cells evenly leaving a greater potential for unnatural and uneven shaping. The use of epinephrine or other solution to constrict the blood cells has a number of advantages with the most obvious being less blood loss during the procedure, later offering patients a handful of advantages after their Liposuction procedure in Scottsdale. By first injecting the fat cells with a solution (typically epinephrine) to constrict the blood cells and Lidocane to swell and numb the Liposuction treatment area, the micro cannula, is able to easily maneuver through the fat cells breaking them up and extracting them back through the small metal rod. Today the average patient will have a dramatic reduction in pain, if any at all, after Tumescent Liposuction, and limited bruising. In fact, patients can walk out of their doctors office immediately following their Liposuction procedure in Scottsdale. This is a much favored change from earlier Liposuction procedures in Scottsdale where patients experienced extensive bruising and longer, somewhat painful, recovery periods.

Scottsdale Liposuction: Benefits for Doctors

Though not common, all Liposuction procedures have a certain degree of risk due to infection, and can be fatal; however, even riskier is the potential for complications under general anesthesia previously administered with traditional Liposuction in Scottsdale. This major change in method of using only local anesthesia accounts for the dramatically higher marks in safety of this Liposuction procedure in Scottsdale. Through the use of much smaller instruments or cannulas, and the use of a local anesthesia only, this has become one of the safest and most popular cosmetic procedures in the United States today.


Have you heard about the latest in cosmetic advancements for Liposuction? Scottsdale’s premiere Liposuction specialty clinic, Infiniskin Cosmetic Associates, is home to some of the most advanced methods used in Liposuction across the nation. Dr. William Hall and his staff of highly trained aestheticians and skin consultants make this Scottsdale Liposuction clinic something worth writing home about.

New and improved methods used in Scottsdale’s Liposuction make this procedure one of the safest in its class. The biggest improvement is the use of a local anesthesia, allowing the patient to be awake and alert. This has many benefits both to the patient and the doctor. While patients remain alert during Scottsdale’s Liposuction the doctor is able to effectively access the harder to reach places and fine tune the particular area of focus. With help from the patient by moving or switching sides per doctor’s request, patients can now get the best results and finest sculpting with Liposuction in Scottsdale. Additionally, by administering only a local anesthetic, patients are able to recover quicker, have less bruising than in traditional methods of Liposuction, and overall have a more relaxing experience with Scottsdale’s new and improved Liposuction. This improved method, often referred to as Tumescent, means to numb and swell. The name is derived from the procedures administration of Lidocaine and saline injected into the treatment area before extraction of the fat cells through the cannula. Besides allowing the patient to be awake and alert, the Lidocaine forces the blood cells to constrict so blood loss during the extraction is very minimal. All of these improvements and more are what make Liposuction in Scottsdale the most popular and safest today in the field of cosmetics.

In addition to the new methods of anesthesia being used in Scottsdale’s Liposuction, the instruments or cannulas have also changed. By using much smaller cannulas, damage to the surrounding tissue is minimized during the extraction process. They also allow for more fine tuning or sculpting of the treatment area. Patients can now expect much less bruising than in traditional methods for a more pleasant and much shorter recovery time. The best news is, patients can walk out of the doctor’s office immediately following their Liposuction procedure in Scottsdale. So what are you waiting for? Call Infiniskin today 480-946-7100 and set up a free consultation to discuss your Scottsdale Liposuction procedure. You will be glad you did!