What Cosmetic Surgeries do you need to do in the Spring to become the Queen of the Beach in Summer?

The summer season dictates its requirements and preferences. In the summer, every girl wants to become the queen of the beach, for this, exhausting diets, physical activity, and cosmetic procedures are used … But there are situations when all these events are powerless. In such cases, cosmetic surgery can help to thoroughly prepare for the summer season. Spring is the best time to prepare.

In order to impress those around you with your reincarnation by the summer, cosmetic surgery must be performed some time before the beach season. This is because the recovery process takes time. Most often, before the summer, clients resort to mammoplasty, abdominoplasty, liposuction, one-stage liposuction and abdominoplasty and facial rejuvenation operations.


This plastic surgery is popular all year round, but it is by summer that the demand increases. Women strive to improve their figures, adjust their shapes and volumes. Plastic surgery for breast augmentation helps them improve their shape, solve problems associated with breast ptosis, its asymmetry or underdevelopment.

Once in the first consultation with the surgeon, you will immediately be able to see the expected results, modeled using a computer program. The patient is determined with the size and shape of the implant, and the doctor selects the most optimal access method for its placement. This may be an incision in the crease under the breast, around the areola, or in the armpit.

Despite the fact that this plastic surgery is safe and does not have high risks of complications, its rehabilitation period is significant: in the first months it will be necessary to wear compression underwear, beware of overheating and prevent ultraviolet radiation from reaching the operated area. Taking into account all these points, in order to enjoy the rest in the summer season, cosmetic surgery for breast augmentation is most often performed before the summer.


Rounded sides, fat folds at the waist, voluminous hips – all these features of the figure can develop complexes in many women. Representatives of this type of figure, most often by the summer season, tend to purchase closed swimsuits and hide flaws under beachwear.

Liposuction can help them correct their shapes and contours, get rid of persistent fat deposits and genetic or age-related features (gynecomastia, menopausal hump). It is important to understand that this cosmetic surgery will not get rid of excess weight, it will only help to make the contours of the figure smoother and more accurate.

Such a cosmetic surgery, like liposuction, will allow you to permanently get rid of fatty tissue in those areas in which it was performed. This means that fat deposits will not be able to re-form at the sites of liposuction, but, in case of weight gain, fat deposits will be distributed in other places. This cosmetic surgery will not protect you from weight gain, therefore, in order to keep your figure in shape, you will need to try to lead a proper lifestyle.

Just like plastic surgery for breast augmentation, liposuction involves a rehabilitation period in which it will be necessary to wear compression underwear for a month. If you dream of showing off the ideal forms of your dreams this summer, then the time has come for liposuction.


This plastic surgery helps to effectively tighten the stomach, make it flat and elastic. In order to improve the appearance of the waist by the summer season, it is necessary to think in advance about such plastic surgery as abdominoplasty.

The presence of stretch marks, fat “apron”, flabbiness of the skin and divergence of the rectus abdominis muscles causes a number of inconveniences. People with these features are embarrassed to go to the beach in open swimsuits, they strive in every possible way to hide their shortcomings.This plastic surgery is performed by suturing the abdominal muscles and excising excess skin tissue. Access for surgical maneuvers is through an incision under the abdomen, in the crease above the pubis, or around the navel, in the case when large volumes need to be removed.

Plastic surgery for a tummy tuck has a fairly long rehabilitation period. Therefore, it is best to do it in advance.

Take care of yourself and be beautiful!