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These are comments from other patients:

" Dr. Hall & the nursing staff were excellent," GS, Scottsdale

"I am thrilled to death! Dr. Hall is the BEST-- thank you! thank you!," LM, Glendale

"I could not believe how easy it was. Kathy was great & Dr. Hall was great. Definitely glad I had him do this," AR, Phoenix

"Dr. Hall was great in the pre-operative stages and during the surgery. It was my 1st experience with surgery and he made all the difference. I was back to work in 48 hrs and the post operative pain was minimal. The results so far have been good," JK, Scottsdale

"Most pleasant experience I’ve had with Drs," AH, Scottsdale

"Very professional, they made sure the process is well explained and proper expectations have been set. The results were fantastic," JM, Tempe

"We were comfortable and felt like Dr. Hall really cared about us and the procedure," CR, Phoenix

"Dr. Hall is a sweetie pie and I love Kathy & Jodi too! THANK YOU!!," LB, Scottsdale

"Everyone was extremely helpful and nice," ME, Mesa

"Everyone was very nice and very professional and very supportive. It hurt more than I was prepared for post-operatively," ND, Scottsdale

"Kind & caring staff," HA, Phoenix

"Very caring staff exceptional treatment & procedure," BT, Phoenix

"They were great!" RE, Scottsdale

"It was comfortable and smooth experience, no complaints," DS, Scottsdale

"The actual surgery was remarkably comfortable the staff was very nice especially the or nurse Kathy(?)," DW, Mesa

"Nice people –very nicely handled from first moment I came in from Receptionist, nurse & doctor," DT, Scottsdale

"It was better then expected," MM, Sedona

"Very comfortable," PR, Phoenix

"Everyone was GREAT. Always very helpful & friendly with my questions. Everyone is so encouraging! Thank you!" JS, Phoenix

"The surgery was surprisingly painless & easy to recovery from. I was able to resume everything within 48 hrs," ES, Scottsdale

"Friendly and professional," GK, Scottsdale

"Everyone was very professional and helpful my entire procedure was positive," FS, Scottsdale

"It was very easy comfortable and no pain. Healing process was simple," AT, Phoenix

" I love it here, you make me feel very special," ST, Scottsdale

" They were very professional before, during and after surgery. Very informative and made me feel very
comfortable." JT, Tempe

" The experience has been very good. The doctor and nurse were accessible when needed to answer questions," DA, Mesa

" This just 1 week after surgery, so I still have a little bloating, so I guess after another week I’ll see some more results," LT, Scottsdale

" Everyone was great and kind. Dr. Hall was very good," SR, Phoenix

" I am extremely happy w/ all. Thank you!" EW, Scottsdale

"Most pleasant and comfortable experience. Dr. Hall, Liz and Jodi are warm and caring. Dr. Hall is honest and very considerate of my considerate of my concerns. Down to earth and friendly too," WR, Phoenix

"Dr. Hall has my complete trust-at one week following the procedure, I am very pleased with the results!" DB, Phoenix

"Fun! You feel sexy and your (attitude) feels younger. Everyone here is wonderful Thanks!" TF, Glendale

" Everything was great. I am surprised that their has been very little pain or discomfort," TH, Phoenix

" Thank you! You guys did an amazing job. Everybody I this office is very helpful and wonderful," DK, Scottsdale