Lip Fillers

Lip Fillers – Your lips remain one of the most noticeable parts of your body. Every woman desires fuller lips, with a more defined shape and volume. When it comes to aesthetics, a healthy diet and exercise work wonders. For obvious reasons, however, these approaches do not affect the shape and form of your lips. Lip augmentation remains one of the trendiest cosmetic procedures, bringing about some fantastic contouring and an incredibly sexy look. Recently, there have been FDA approvals for specific processes, paving the way for this popular trend aimed at realizing the perfectly balanced face.

Some people prefer to use makeup to define facial features, such as the shape of one’s lips. However, this approach has some well-documented shortcomings, most of which relate to the fact that eating and drinking often takes off makeup, and you are back to square one. Fillers are a logical solution, maintaining the full, luscious shape of your lips with or without makeup. When correctly done, lip fillers are stunning, enhancing your looks considerably for that flawless, natural-looking contour. Ensure that you employ the services of a qualified and competent doctor for the perfect results.

Infini remains the choice spa for all your lip filling in Phoenix, AZ. We are the leading clinic in lip augmentation in the region.

Lip fillers typically last between three months and a year and are therefore not permanent. The liners themselves comprise of a type of sugar – hyaluronic acid – naturally residing in the body. This component, when injected in specific locations, and controlled amounts, adds volume and a considerable degree of definition to your natural profile. This new look greatly enhances your appearance, and dramatically increases self-confidence. You no longer have to shy off the camera or battle anxiety as you fight off that self-conscious feeling about your looks. Looking better brings about unrivaled freedom, helping you stand out and enjoy the best that life has to offer with no worries at all.

Lip Fillers or Lip Injections?

Lip fillers make use of hyaluronic acid, naturally found in the body. This approach ensures better results and a natural look. The employment of natural components also considerably increases the chances of success without complications. Lip injections are a broader reference to augmentation using fat or the conventional collagen. Fillers are a solution injected under the skin, with dissolves over time, necessitating a repeat procedure. However, the shelf life of fillers offers real value for money, lasting anywhere from six to eighteen months.

Why Go for Lip Fillers?

There are many documented benefits of having lip fillers, but these are the main ones.

i. Instant Results
Many cosmetic procedures take time to manifest the desired results, not lip fillers truly. Immediately after the processes, your lips are fuller, reflecting the effects of the injected component under your skin. You don’t have to wait and second-guess your decision to go for the procedure, as results remain evident right after you step outside the clinic. Instant gratification is a big selling point, with the changes to your profile instantly visible. Over time, the enhanced shape takes root as the injectable dissolves to bring out that fantastic shape.

ii. Long Lasting
Makeup comes off the moment you take a bite off your food items or a sip of your coffee. Even without eating or drinking, the need to talk and communicate somewhat takes a toll on your look, requiring you to redo it again and again. Fillers offer a more sustainable option, giving you that fantastic contouring for a year, sometimes up to eighteen months. Regardless of whether you have makeup on or off, your lips retain their full shape.

iii. Straightforward Procedure
Getting fillers is incredibly easy, with our experienced staff ready and capable of meeting and exceeding your expectations. It takes only thirty minutes to an hour to complete the process, making it very convenient, particularly for individuals with a busy schedule or demanding work routines. Not only is the procedure quick, but it is also comfortable for you, with the use of local anesthetic to temporarily numb the area around your lips. Our personnel are the best lip fillers in Phoenix, and remain among the elite in the United States. With us, you are indeed in safe hands.

At infini in Phoenix, AZ, we put you first, and pride in delivering the perfect look you so desire. We augment your ideas with established methods to bring about that ideal look.

iv. Renewed Confidence
Anxiety, particularly about self-image, have you missing out on a lot. When you lose confidence about the look of a specific part of your body, a consistent, gnawing discomfort sets in. You subsequently shy off photos or scenarios that may make you feel exposed or the center of attention. This predicament remains a real hurdle as you try to go about your daily routine and stops you from adequately enjoying the fun moments to the fullest. With a face you have absolute confidence in, you enjoy fantastic freedom. You can take pictures smiling, frowning, pouting, whichever you fancy.

v. Natural Enhancements
Our enhancements bring out your natural contours, defining your profile in a way that genuinely stands out. We believe that you deserve to look perfect and utterly confident in your appearance. We use natural components in our fillers, considerably minimizing the risk for side effects or any complications after the procedure.

The natural components in our filler solution bring out the desired results by:

  • The preservation of moisture on the lips
  • Complementation of your skin tone
  • The establishment of a soft structure, with well-defined shape and volume

We use only the best natural fillers, ensuring quality and reliability in both the product and service, delivered by some of the best professionals in the country.

vi. Minimal Swelling
The use of biocompatible emulsions ensures that you experience minimal swelling after the procedure. The face remains a very sensitive part of the body and considering that it is also the most visible, we endeavor to employ the best ingredients when sculpting those perfect features for you. With minimal swelling, the procedure does not interfere with your daily routine, ensuring the resumption of lighter duties right after your session at the clinic.

vii. Tailor-made Procedures
We understand the uniqueness of anatomy and personal preference. Everyone has a unique facial structure, and different people prefer different looks. All these variations necessitate flexibility in the delivery of service to our clients. We formulate a solution that seeks to bring the best results for each. Our flexibility is not only as a consequence of necessity but a genuine effort to cater to your specific needs and preferences. We offer the very best in the field. We offer the very best lip augmentation in Phoenix, Arizona.

Endeavor to book a consultation with us for an assessment. It is during the discussion that we get to share vital information such as your suitability for the procedure, general information you need to know before the actual process, and the scope of coverage in the initial price estimate. When you visit, you get the unique opportunity to see the fantastic possibilities at your disposal, as well as some of the crucial details often overlooked during online research.

A sit-down with the doctor answers tons of questions, and you get a professional perspective to augment with your preferences for the perfect result. Remember to keenly adhere to the doctor’s instructions, particularly during recovery after the procedure. For best results, these directives are of critical importance.

Schedule an appointment today, and give us a chance to perfect your look. For your lip filling needs, infini has you covered on all fronts.