Dear Dr. Hall, Shannon, Tiffany and Nurse Kathy-

Please accept my heartfelt thanks for all the recent work I had done (a lot!). It has been almost 4 weeks post-surgery and I am really starting to see the results in a more normal view. I am feeling a lot better and am looking great! I think it will take time to mentally adjust to my new shape but for now I really wanted to thank you all for being so very professional.

Each of you took great care of me in every way. Each of you did your “jobs” 110% I can’t tell you how impressed I am with your entire company and how well you ran it. Although I had some pain and recovery time, I am sure I will be back again to improve a few more areas before I’m felling my very best! I just wanted to thank you all for making this “scary” first time adventure truly amazing!! With my best regards,




Subject: Thank you Dr. Hall & Staff

Dear Dr. Hall & Staff:

I write today to share my personal story with you and thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you did for me. Additionally, to request my after photos be emailed to me if possible.

On January 13,2010 I had surgery for thyroid cancer. When I had surgery I weighed 113 pounds. In March of 2010, after being without thyroid medication in preparation for radiation and after the radiation itself I weighed 130 pounds. By October of 2010 I was starting to feel better, but the weight was not coming off. Finally in May 20111 was able to shed 10 pounds, bringing me down to 120. I had always had an excess build-up of fat around my abs and had considered liposuction since I was 16 years old.

In May of 2011 I started looking into the procedure again and found Infini. I set up a consultation and on June 28,2011 Dr. Hall performed the liposuction procedure on my abdomen. After the procedure I noticed immediate results. However, due to the fact that my thyroid medications were constantly being adjusted I gained about 5 pounds after the procedure. I set up another consultation with Dr. Hall in February of 2012 about doing the procedure again and he was surprisingly honest with me. He told me that I did not need another procedure and that all that I needed to do was somehow lose the weight and he promised my stomach would look great. He recommended a certain weight loss program and referred me to a doctor that specialized in the same.

My primary care physician also provided this same weight loss program and I followed it for 30 days. I went from 125 pounds to 113 pounds and have kept the weight off to this day. The best thing about this is Dr. Hall was so right!!! My stomach has never been this flat in my life. I bought a bikini for the first time and actually wear it. I don’t wear undershirts and don’t have fat hanging over my low rise jeans. No more constantly pulling my pants up to hide my stomach. I have never felt this great about my body.

Today I can say that I have been in remission for 2 years, I lost all the weight gained from the cancer due to Dr. Hall’s advice and I have more confidence than I have ever had in my life. Thank you so much Dr. Hall for everything you have done to help me regain my confidence and giving me the most beautiful abdomen I could have and have ever had. I feel better now at 28 years old than I did when I was 21 years old, and that is a direct result of the procedure, advice and support I was given from Dr. Hall and staff. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. You have done more to help me than you could possibly know. I would recommend your practice to anyone who is looking for wonderful care and results.

Please feel free to contact me at anytime if needed, and feel free to publish this email on your website or any other marketing material if you wish to do so. Since I have now achieved my maximum result I would love to have what I feel would be my “true” after pictures taken. If that is something you would do please let me know. If not, no problem.

Warmest Regards,




Subject: Final Results

Hello Dr. Hall,

I would like to say a very special Thank you. After my procedure I am so extremely pleased with my end results. I would highly recommend you to anyone considering to make the investment in themselves.

I would like to request the photos of the before and after pictures. If you would email those to me, I would greatly appreciate it.
Thanks Again for a Job Well Done!






Dr. Hall,

I hope that subject line got your attention I am sure you get a lot of emails from patients thanking you but I didn’t expect to be so delighted so quickly basically this isn’t a letter I thought I would be sending for a few months.

First off you made me completely comfortable & confident from go, when my husband & I consulted with you just a few shorts weeks ago I didn’t think that anyone would win his approval but you did & that is NO easy feat!

I am THRILLED with my results so far & only I left your office 12-21-09 after 3 hours of surgery. So not only did it take less time then you thought 🙂 but you were absolutely right my skin has reacted very well – minimal bruising – very little pain ( I took 1/2 pain pill that night – the other 1/2 next morning ) & THATS IT!

I feel great back to 75% of my life – little stiff , bending is a bit uncomfortable but obviously not that much – as I visited with family & friends right thru the holidays NOBODY had a clue I just had surgery 3 days earlier with you.

As I told you upon my 1st meeting with you – I have lost 50lbs. within the last few years – this procedure was the icing on the cake – a completion of the new me, I clearly made the best decision choosing you as my doctor.

You are a true artist & expert in your field from what I see – I just can’t wait til my vacation this summer in the carribean –

I will soooooo be rockin a NEW BIKINI

Happy New Year – see you on my follow up appt.

A So Incredibly Greatful Client.



Dear Dr. Hall,

Thank you for giving me a new life. The depression I have lived with all my life is gone, never to return! My whole attitude and demeanor is new. I feel awesome and look great!

Today I was in your office for an “after” photo and was told that I can request a copy of the “before and after” photos via e-mail. I would love a copy to show all of my family and friends in hopes that they too can experience what I have.

I could never thank you enough.




Dear Dr. Hall,

I just wanted to send a quick note to you to thank you for everything today in my first filler procedure ever. I’m a bit sore, but the results are amazing! Thank you for your medical professionalism and wisdom in leaning me to not do too many things at once. I look forward to letting this settle down and scheduling another appointment in a few weeks to do Juvederm in the hollow areas of my eyes.

Thanks again, Dr. Hall, and I look forward to developing a long lasting doctor-patient relationship with you!

Kind Regards,




Hello Dr Hall,

I just wanted to tell you how much I love your staff and I really love what you have done for me. I feel like I’m looking better each week. I just finish having my 2 free sessions with Elizabeth and I just LOVE her. She is so nice and knows what she’s doing. I just purchased a few more sessions with her.

I’m so impressed with how you were so cool to meet with me and go over things with me. I didn’t tell you this when I first came in to see you, but I did go to another Doctor’s office first(Sonobello).. he didn’t meet with me. He just had an consultant talk with me, I did not feel any kind of person care like I did with you and your staff.

I would be happy to tell my friends to see you or if you wanted to give my # 480 628-1204 to anyone who’s thinking about your services. You’re the BEST! Hope you have a great weekend. Oh..I left some movies for you to add to your collection. Enjoy.

Thank you so much and I’ll see you in 3 months!