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How to get rid of the Second Chin?

Posted on: February 27, 2022

Age-related changes and weight gain do not add beauty to the face. Especially when it comes to double chin. He is able to radically change the appearance of a person – the face becomes “heavy”, “blurred”, and the contours lose their clarity. According to a study conducted by American plastic surgeon Vivian Hsu, the appearance of a double chin visually adds 5-7 “extra” years to a person.

How to remove the double chin and return the face to a more youthful and attractive look? In the article we will deal with the reasons for the appearance of this aesthetic defect, and also consider effective methods for getting rid of it.

What is a Double Chin?

The second chin is not to be confused with anything. This is the crease between the face and neck. When the elasticity of the skin in the neck area decreases and the neck muscles weaken, the layer of subcutaneous fat rapidly increases. The skin sags and is filled with fat cells.

In medical terms, the second chin is a local fat deposit, which is accompanied by flabbiness of the muscles of the lower two-thirds of the face.

In addition to the fact that it does not look aesthetically pleasing, it does not affect the appearance in the best way, sometimes this is a signal – a failure in the body.

Reasons for the Appearance of a Second Shin

  • Excess weight. It is quite obvious that one of the reasons for the appearance of a second chin is weight gain. Moreover, often the figure at the same time looks only slightly plump and, in general, proportional, and the extra chin has already “grown”. As it turned out, fat in the chin area accumulates faster than in other areas of the face and neck.
  • genetic predisposition. The second chin can be “transmitted” from mother to daughter. And become a genetic feature of a person. So, if your relatives have this aesthetic problem, most likely you will have it too.
  • Posture problems. 90% of people have a curvature of the spine. It is aggravated by additional loads – incorrect body position, the habit of slouching, lowered head. Over time, the neck muscles become shorter, and the platysma, a superficial muscle that attaches by fibers to the lower face, descends and pulls the lower third of the face with it. In addition, we note that walking or sitting with your head down is fraught not only with the appearance of wrinkles on the face, rings of Venus on the neck, but also with a second chin.
  • Age changes. Unfortunately, the force of gravity is not yet under the power of anyone to overcome. It causes ptosis (sagging) of tissues and, as a result, the appearance of a second chin.
  • Disorders in the work of the lymphatic system. Incorrect work of the lymph nodes, fluid stagnation can cause the appearance of a fold under the lower jaw.
  • Hormonal failure and thyroid disease. With an increase in the volume of the cervical-chin zone, it is recommended to check the condition of the thyroid gland. To do this, you need to contact an endocrinologist who will prescribe an ultrasound and the necessary tests.

Ways to Remove a Double Chin

There are several effective methods on how to remove the second chin, which have been tested by world practice.

Cosmetic Surgery

Many women and men try to get rid of the second chin with the help of cosmetics or massages, diet and special facial exercises. However, all these methods do not give one hundred percent result. The fat layer on the chin goes last, and stretched skin may not return to its former elasticity (this depends on the natural skin tone, and on the hereditary factor in the formation of early wrinkles and ptosis, and on age, as well as on bad habits – on elasticity skin is affected, for example, by smoking).

Cosmetic surgery offers the most effective and real ways to remove the double chin without the risk of its “return”. The first way is liposuction . This is a cosmetic surgery that is aimed at eliminating excess fat deposits in the chin and neck areas. It allows you to return the chin to its former clarity of lines and elegance.

Often liposuction of the second chin is performed under local anesthesia. That is, the patient is conscious, but does not feel anything. A plastic surgeon makes small punctures under the lower jaw, then hollow cannulas are inserted there and the fat cells are sucked out from their location using a vacuum method. The doctor strictly controls the process of taking adipose tissue. Thin cannulas allow to achieve the most accurate modeling, inaccessible to hardware techniques.

The operation is so low-traumatic that on the same day the patient can go home with recommendations from the doctor. Note that liposuction is performed in cases where the crease under the chin has not reached a very large size, and when the skin still retains its elasticity. And how to remove the second chin with excess weight and after the age of 45, when the skin has lost its tone? It is better to perform – SMAS facelift.

It is important to understand: there is no exclusively chin lift, but there is such a type of correction as a lift of the lower two-thirds of the face.

Today, plastic surgeons prefer to perform an SMAS facelift. During the operation, deeper structures are captured. That is, the skin is tightened together with the tissues located under it, which create a framework for the upper layers. The skin stretched with age rises up, and its excess is excised. As a result, the chin and other facial features acquire greater clarity, and folds, wrinkles and sagging disappear. The surgical approach looks like a “U” and is located along the ear tragus and behind the ear.

A facelift corrects the oval and makes it much younger, but does not stop age-related processes. According to research by the American Association of Plastic Surgeons, even ten years after the first facelift, people still look much younger than their peers. A facelift is recommended to be done no earlier than 40-45 years.


In some cases, the second chin can be dealt with with the help of cosmetic procedures. The main task of the techniques is to break down local fat deposits, strengthen and improve skin elasticity.

The first procedure is lipolytic injections. These are preparations with a natural composition that break down subcutaneous fat in the mesodermal layers of the skin. They are completely safe and compatible with body cells. Injections of lipolytic preparations are made in microdoses locally, in the problem area. The subcutaneous layer of fat is reduced – and the second chin disappears, and the skin is tightened. The main advantage is a quick effect that lasts up to 1 year. The exact number of procedures is determined by the cosmetologist individually at the consultation.

The second procedure is the STARVAC vacuum-roller massage for the face . The unique combination of vacuum and rollers acts on the fat layer in the chin area. As a result, it splits, and thanks to the influx of blood, the skin tightens. In addition, the procedure has a lymphatic drainage effect and allows you to quickly remove the decay products of fat cells from the body, as well as toxins, toxins and excess fluid.


This is gymnastics for the face, aimed at strengthening the muscles. With the appearance of a slight double chin and flabbiness of the skin in the lower third of the face, face-building can be done. We recommend a set of exercises that are aimed at combating muscle weakness.

  • Warm up. First you need to warm up the skin well. We bend two fingers into “hooks”, put them in the middle of the chin, and move along the bone to the ears. Do it 10 times.
  • Modeling. Putting the palms on edge, we make movements to the left and right, as if trying to “smooth” the face. Repeat 10 times on each side.
  • Sculpting. Place your thumbs on the double chin area, hands at a 90-degree angle, index fingers in the form of “hooks” opposite each other, and rest your head on your fingers. Rest as if the head wants to go down, and you hold it. Spread your hands from the middle of the chin to the ears. Repeat 10 times.

How to get rid of the second chin at home?

At home, to remove the second chin, do massage, face masks and use cosmetic products.

Lymphatic drainage massage

This is a rejuvenating and healing procedure aimed at accelerating metabolic processes with the help of mechanical action. Due to the activation of the lymph flow, excess fluid is removed from the soft tissues of the face. Massage can be easily done at home.

The most important thing is to remember the paired points: armpits, depressions above the collarbones, areas under the jaw angle and near the ears.

Lymphatic drainage massage involves the activation of points and the passage of fluid.

Let’s start with activation. On the above paired points – armpits, collarbones, submandibular glands, in front of the ear, neck – make 5 soft pressing and squeezing movements.

After the points are activated, we proceed to the massage.

  • From the middle of the chin, move your hands down to the neck and collarbones, then down to the armpits.
  • Move up to the middle of the upper lip. Move along the points: cheeks – under the jaw – collar bones – neck – armpits.
  • Press on the points near the wings of the nose. And go through the dots again.
  • At this stage, add points near the ear and between the eyebrows.
  • Do a massage along the massage lines.

Massage with honey

Honey massage is a great way to improve the tone of the face and correct the oval. Is it possible to massage with honey at home? Certainly! Here is the technology:

  • Heat honey. It should be warm and liquid.
  • apply the ingredient to the neck and chin area. With gentle movements of the thumbs, rub from the center to the earlobes. At the end of the massage, you can make the final patting movements.


A simple pinching technique is a great way to prevent the appearance of a second chin. It is simple to perform: apply a nourishing face cream to the problem area, lightly pinch this place, but do not stretch the skin.

How to remove the second chin with exercises?

Before starting the exercises, you need to do a light warm-up to warm up the muscles of the face.

  • Stretching the neck . Raise your head up, bring your lower jaw forward a little, and fold your lips into a tube. Repeat 5 times.
  • Head rotation . Turn your head to the left, push your lower jaw forward with tension. Do the same to the right. Perform for each side 10 times.
  • Language exercise . This exercise strengthens the hyoid muscle, which often results in a double chin. Stick your tongue out as far as you can and try to reach the tip of your nose with it. The lips should be as relaxed as possible. Repeat 5 times.

Methods for preventing the appearance of a second chin

The appearance of a double chin can be prevented by choosing the right facial skin care. We review the best cosmetic products with effective ingredients.

  • Cream with snail mucin . Mucin, in the usual sense, is snail mucus. It is a storehouse of elastin, human-like collagen, as well as glycolic and hyaluronic acid. Creams with snail mucin perfectly regenerate and renew the skin, give intense hydration and restore a healthy complexion.
  • Creams with hyaluronic acid . Hyaluronic acid is a powerful natural humectant that attracts water. In turn, moisturizing gives the skin youth, natural radiance and natural elasticity, smoothing out the network of wrinkles.
  • Cream with collagen . Collagen fibers are the inner “skeleton” for the skin. Collagen is a protein that moisturizes the dermis, helps tighten sagging skin and eliminates most of the visible age-related changes.

We examined the most effective ways to remove the second chin. Whichever one you choose, you should start preparing for surgery with a consultation with a plastic surgeon . The doctor will help you decide how to remove the second chin for you, select the most appropriate procedure, taking into account the characteristics of your face and skin.