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How to Lose Weight in the Face?

Posted on: February 25, 2022

Many girls desire to have refined cheekbones instead of chubby cheeks. This desire is quite normal, although it is rather difficult to translate it into reality. The fact is that losing weight in the face is quite difficult. Therefore, we recommend that you immediately tune in to a long journey. Well, and, of course, we offer you working tips that will help solve your problem.

Why don’t I lose weight on my face?

As a rule, even after a good weight loss, the face practically does not lose weight. This is because this part of the body is the least mobile. Our facial expressions are usually not so active as to start the process of lipolysis thanks to it.

The second reason for possible difficulties in the process of losing weight is excessive contamination with toxins. The face is constantly in contact with the external environment, due to which the cells become contaminated. This leads to stagnation of the lymph and poor blood circulation, which complicates the process of losing weight.

The third reason is the shape of the face and the type of aging. People with a round face shape tend to have cheeks . They have a hard time losing weight in this area. It is not easy to reduce the volume of adipose tissue even in the deformation type of aging.

No less important is the way of life. Improper nutrition and bad habits provoke swelling, which visually makes the face fuller. By eliminating these factors, you can achieve an excellent effect.

Losing weight is a rather complicated process. It requires an integrated approach, starting from nutrition and ending with the psychological state.

Good to know

Cheekbones can appear in all people. It’s just that some of them will have to work a lot more. For example, girls with a round face will find it difficult to achieve pronounced cheekbones.

But before the process of losing weight, you need to consider that for many people, cheeks are much more suitable than cheekbones. Also, you should understand in advance what result you want to achieve. Sometimes people are overly addicted, and after losing weight, the face looks like a wax doll.

Life hack: if you want to understand whether cheekbones suit you, try playing around with photo editors a little. Such a simple manipulation will help you understand what you need to strive for.

Facial Slimming Treatments

1. Massage

One of the simplest and most affordable methods. Thanks to the massage , muscles are strengthened, the skin is cleansed of toxins, and blood circulation is enhanced. Also, the procedure helps to partially model the contours of the face.

As for weight loss specifically, the best effect can be achieved with the help of hardware massage techniques. Depending on the desired result, it will take 3-6 months of regular sessions.

*Please note that massages must be done regularly to maintain the effect.

2. Laser lipolysis

Destruction of fat cells under the influence of a laser. The procedure is more surgical as laser umbrellas are inserted through small incisions in the skin. But it is faster and more affordable than the same liposuction.

3. Injections of lipolytics

Lipolitics are substances that break down fat cells. Injections activate regenerative processes, starting the natural process of facial rejuvenation. To achieve a good effect, 5-7 procedures are needed, sometimes the course consists of 10-15 sessions.

Note that some cosmetic surgeons are against the use of direct lipolytics. So, for example, some Drs. do not recommend using them with a thickness of adipose tissue of less than 2 cm, since in this case the lipolytic can migrate to other tissues. In fact, this virtually eliminates the possibility of using the drug on the face.

This procedure, if it is worth doing, is only with the help of indirect lipolytok. They work safe, though less effective.

4. RF lifting

During the procedure, tissues are heated up to 60°C, which stimulates the production of collagen and elastin and partially destroys fat cells. Getting rid of large amounts of fat with the help of the procedure does not work. But thanks to the course, it will be possible to model the oval of the face.

Cosmetic techniques that involve the introduction of various substances in order to break down fatty tissues are very doubtful. As a rule, they are made by cosmetologists without medical education, because of which there is a huge risk of harming health.

Plastic surgery for face slimming

The most effective way to locally lose weight is plastic surgery. So far, in cosmetology there are no methods similar in terms of efficiency. In addition, the same liposuction performed by a surgeon can be much safer than injections of lipolytics in a beautician.

Of course, it is worth considering that a long rehabilitation period awaits you. Therefore, it is advisable to contact a plastic surgeon if there are serious indications: ptosis, double chin, overhanging tissues. In this case, the operation is fully justified.

Home ways to lose weight face

  • Establish a diet: exclude junk food, alcohol and tobacco. Also, do not eat a few hours before bedtime, so as not to provoke the appearance of edema. Proper nutrition is the base to which you will need to come regardless of the method chosen.
  • Facial Gymnastics: the famous facial gymnastics will help you lose weight in the long run, as well as improve facial contours. Note that visible results may appear only after 2-3 months of regular exercise. Therefore, we recommend setting yourself up for a long journey.
  • Massages: Massages can also be performed at home. To do this, you just need to learn the direction of the massage lines on the face. Also, we recommend purchasing a roller or vibrating massager to speed up the process.


What exactly won’t work?

  1. “One Food” Diets

In terms of nutrition, a diet is a certain diet. This already eliminates the presence of just one product or an overabundance of something. Such techniques will never help you lose weight, but only harm your health.

  1. Face masks

The process of losing weight is the breakdown of fat cells. When we apply the mask on the face, it does not penetrate deeper than the epidermis. Therefore, it is excluded that such methods can somehow help to lose weight.

  1. Dietary supplements

Note: Dietary supplements that the doctor did not prescribe for you. The use of any foreign additives can harm your health. In addition, even if the method is working, then it will take a very long time to lose weight in this way. The breakdown of fat is too difficult a process to activate with pills.

In the process of losing weight, it is important to understand what result you want to achieve, and use only proven methods. Otherwise, not only will you not be able to show your cheekbones, but in addition, you can harm your health.